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Author and Illustrator, Ellen Walters has always liked horses and dogs. When her parents wouldn’t let her have a real dog she made one out of wire. Ellen is creative and full of imagination. She plays the piano. She is a talented photographer and likes to hang out with friends. She wrote her first Wire Dog story when she was 9 years old. Her first Wire Dog story can be found in Wire Dog Storybook 1





Author and Illustrator, David Walters has been a school teacher and principal for many years. He is the author of several books and numerous video productions. He loves the outdoors and has experienced some close calls with nature. He speaks four languages and likes to travel. His children and grandchildren beg him to tell stories and sit spellbound as they listen. Ellen’s first Wire Dog story sparked his imagination and so he decided to write more. David can be contacted at




Graphic Designer, Eliza Yawney lives in Barnwell Alberta Canada with her husband who is a rural family doctor. Eliza has been a freelance graphic arts designer for many years. She designs web pages and magazine layout. Eliza is a photographer and blogger and loves raising her children. Her four children love Wire Dog stories; and she is the graphic designer for the cover of Wire Dog Storybooks.



karstenandmomAuthor and Illustrator, Karsten Yawney lives in Barnwell, Alberta, Canada where he is now in grade one. He loves Wire Dog. He always likes to hear Wire Dog Stories; and one day when he was just 5 years old he told his mom that he wanted to write and illustrate one. We hope other kids will do the same. Send your stories or pictures to:




Author, Ellen “Jill” Thomasson has always loved writing and wrote her first mystery- adventure story at age eight. Over the years she has continued to write both fiction and poetry. In addition to writing children’s fiction, she has been published in fan fiction publications. A cat lover, she shares her life with four. Other interests include photography, reading, perennial gardening, and card crafting.

You can see her cat cards on the Purrfectly Adorable Cat Cards website:

and her fan fiction is offered on the website:

You may also contact her at



Author, Tom Johnson’s dad was a cowboy and cook, and this gave his family an itinerant lifestyle. He changed schools often, as his dad’s jobs were moved. His dad wanted him to follow in his footsteps, but a cowboy’s life didn’t appeal to him. Instead, during his high school years, Tom dreamed about becoming an entomologist. He loved biology and math, but was weak in other subjects. He read every book he could find on insects, reptiles, and arachnids, as well as paleontology. However, his life changed when he joined the Army and spent a 20-year career in law enforcement. Afterwards, he and his wife started the publishing imprint, FADING SHADOWS, and published a hobby magazine for 22 years, and several genre titles for nine years. He was a voracious reader from an early age, and has never stopped reading for pleasure. In his own books readers will often find something about his love, zoology, whether insects, reptiles, or saber-tooth cats. If readers would like to learn more about the subject of paleontology, his YA novel, THREE GO BACK, features three teenage girls who accidentally go back in time through the prehistoric epochs of our past, and come away with knowledge and adventure they’ll never forget.
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paulLynchPaul A. Lynch is the author of numerous books for kids and adults. He has written books for many different genres. Paul’s books can be found throughout the world in different formats and editions. Paul’s most noted work is The Coming Catastrophe: The Beginning Of Sorrows which has been published in various languages throughout the world.


Cerima Rekic owns and operates the Black Comb hair salon in Lethbridge, Alberta Canada. While cutting hair, she told author and illustrator, David Walters a story from her childhood that she always imagined putting into print. Wire Dog Story 53 Thinking About Ants is David’s interpretation of her story and was included in the Wire Dog Collection with her permission.

KGMpic2Author, K.G. McAbee has had several books and nearly a hundred short stories published, some of them quite readable. She writes steampunk, fantasy, science fiction, horror, pulp, westerns and, most recently, mysteries; her ‘Dyed to Death’ won the prestigious Black Orchid Novella award and appeared in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. She’s a member of Horror Writers Association, Sisters in Crime and International Thriller Writers and is an Artist in Residence in Literature with the South Carolina Arts Commission


JAJohnsonPic2Author and Illustrator, J. A. Johnson is the author of THE WILD, WILD QUEST, an epic fantasy of the Old West. He is the illustrator and co-author of the children’s comic book series, THE MIGHTY, MIGHTY MAOMI and the creator/artist for his line of coloring books for adults, Coloring Bug, available at Amazon. He lives in North Carolina with his wonderful wife, Min.

Twitter: Jimnmin



DonsPic2Author, Donald Sullivan is a native Floridian now living in North Carolina. He is retired from the US Army where he served in Artillery, Engineers, Intelligence, and Psychological Operations.  He has also worked as insurance agent, security guard, delivery boy, and soda jerk. Since retiring he dabbles in writing.  He has written short stories for a number of small magazines and ezines.  He has also self-published a number of books, including scifi, fantasy, horror, historical, humor, and more.

He can be reached at email:
His website:
His latest books:
Or at Amazon:


ElenaIllustrator, Elena Yalcin was born in Russia. She discovered her love of painting when she was a young child. She attended an art school for five years, it was her second home. In 2010 she immigrated to Canada and began painting again. She is happily married and has two children. Actually she is an oil artist, but since she became a mother and housewife she decided to try the new field of illustration. Her illustrations are whimsical, full of bright vivid colours and movement. She enjoys adding small details to her art. These details encourage viewers to look at the pictures more and more making new discoveries each time. Her oil paintings can be found at:…


ellasmallElla Walters lives in Stirling Alberta Canada with her Mom, Dad, 3 brothers, 2 sisters, 2 cats and a gold fish. She wrote this story last year when she was in Grade 6 living in Edmonton. Now she is in grade 7 at the K-12 rural school in Stirling. Look for her second story to be published very soon.





bradyBrady Walters recently celebrated his 11th birthday. He came up with the idea for this story last year but it took a while to get it down on paper. He lives with his family in Calgary Alberta Canada. They live in Redwood Meadows with a river and forest in their back yard. A perfect setting for an imaginative and happy childhood. In this picture Brady was goofing around and had just dipped his head in the river.




Illustrator, Meetu Paul is a partner in “Visual Myths”, a production house based at New Delhi, India, which does illustrations for children’s books, comics, poems, rhymes, character designing, 2-D animations and E-learning modules for various clients. With a team of creative people, Visual Myths believes in good quality work at a fair price and delivery on time. She can be contacted at:,

Specialization in sketching, illustrations, children’s books, 2D digital animation, 2-D Flash, character designing, background designing for children of all age groups.
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Illustrator, Alejandro Damian De Santis was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Creation is his passion and he has been drawing for as long as he can remember. He always knew he wanted to be an artist someday. In college he decided to become an illustrator for a living and he has been creating artwork ever since. His bold and dynamic art has been noted for its versatility of style, though he does not feel his art represents any trademark style. He has worked in editorial design and several animation projects creating background illustrations. Currently he works as a freelance illustrator.




Illustrator, Julie Leiman Weaver has been an illustrator and artist for over 32 years and has illustrated over 60 Children’s Books. She has a Master’s Degree from Boston University and studied fine art at Parson’s School of Design in New York City. She has been awarded four artist grants from the Florida Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs and is a Best of Artists and Artisans Best of Florida Winner and Best of National Pastel Artists winner. As a Children’s Book Illustrator she strives to capture the essence of the characters created by the author and bring them to life in a unique and beautiful way, interesting to adults and endearing to children. Her work can be seen at:




Originally from rural Saskatchewan, Illustrator, Alice L. Jones, is a graduate from the University of Lethbridge with a Bachelor’s Fine Arts degree in New Media, began to freelance as an illustrator. Most often her projects use Photoshop, Wacom graphic tablets, paper, pencils, and pens for illustration, and card making. Those who have met her would describe her as a very creative, detail oriented, and positive person. Often she can be found sketching, writing, or reading. Feel free to visit her website at

Many of the stories and illustration in this book were written and drawn by students at Enchant School and Enchant Colony School. Because they are young and to protect their identity we have not put their personal photographs in this book, but their charming illustrations have added to the youthful innocence and magic of this book and for that we truly thank them.



Illustrator, Georgia Stylou lives in Thessaloniki, Greece. She has drawn and painted for as long as she can remember. She has studied graphic design and works as a freelance children’s illustrator. Georgia has taken courses in traditional painting and photography. She is interested in illustrations for children and the fashion industry Contact her at:





Illustrator, Denise M. Fulton is a freelance illustrator based in Austin, Texas. Her dynamic watercolor images have appeared in children’s books and many other publications. She is also a fine artist, whose paintings are exhibited in prestigious shows across the country and are featured in many private collections.






Anna Tereshkina

Illustrator, Anna Tereshkina lives in St. Petersburg, Russia. She studied in Omsk as a school teacher of visual arts, then worked as an exhibitions’ specialist in museum, art history teacher, but all the time she devoted herself to drawing and painting. Today she looks for herself in drawing handmade illustrations for books and magazines. Her work has a youthful imaginative look and feel that is well suited to the imagery in the Wire Dog stories.


robynmay_headshotRobyn May lives in New Orleans. She earned a degree in Drawing and Painting from the University of Georgia and spent time studying in Cortona, Italy. She has worn many hats while living in New Orleans from Art Director to Wardrobe Assistant to cellist. Along with the wondrous beauty of the natural world, her pets are a constant source of joy, humor and inspiration. Personable, effective and creative, Illustrator, Robyn has over 15 years of experience in various forms of print media and publication, along with design, illustration, art direction and photo-editing. Layout, design, edit–Newspapers, magazines, books, periodicals, ads, logos, signs, billboards, T-shirts, academic materials/text books/visual presentations, photographs, paintings, business cards, promotional materials, some web design and flash animation.




Illustrator, Peter White has been an illustrator of books and graphic novels for 20 years. Growing up, Peter was lucky enough to have artistic parents, and when he wasn’t reading, he was being encouraged to draw his own stories. Peter later attended the Academy of Art University San Francisco, where he expanded his drawing abilities with 3D Animation, Matte Painting, Visual Effects, and Story Boarding. For the last 5 years, Peter has also been working as an Artist and Animator in video games, his other great love. You can contact Peter at:




Corne Cartoons and Enroc Illustrations is a large team of illustrators with different drawing styles. We have extensive experience in Cartoons, Children’s illustrations, Medical illustrations, Greeting Cards, Characters creation, etc. Corne is the chief creative director of the company. He is a specialist in cartoons, humorous illustrations and children’s illustrations. He works for top humor magazines like MAD, Cracked, etc. Enroc has illustrated more than 200 Children’s books, and also has experience in 3D and technical illustrations, icons, games graphics, comics, realistic illustration, maps, t-shirts, animations and creating characters.



Illustrator, Olivia Smith currently lives in Northern California. Since a very young age she has always had a passion for illustrating. Some of her personal projects include a web comic called Animosity Sonata . She is currently finishing up her second half of college and getting her bachelors degree in graphic design at California State University East Bay. Olivia can be contacted at You can see some of her art work at the following two websites:



Illustrator, Maria Tatarinova is a creative graphical designer. She works in print, web design, and illustrations in vector, raster and hand painted formats. Maria has more than four years working experience in a printing company. She promises quality, creativity and work that is done on time. She is an expert in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Corel Draw. She draws wonderful animations with Adobe Flash CS4. She can make flash banners and short cartoons. For more samples of her work see:                                         



Illustrator, Aina Fonolleras Villegas was born in Barcelona, Spain, although she grew up in the beautiful island of Mallorca, where she lived till the end of University where she studied Computer Science and 3D animation. She’s been in Nepal, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Brasil, Bolivia, Perú… In between those journeys she lived for 2 years in Frankfurt (Germany); and then some years in Madrid. There she took a Masters degree in Illustration, Graphic Design and 3D modelling, at the Arteneo Arts School. Now Aina works as a freelance illustrator working in many different projects, mainly children’s and fantasy artwork: “In my paintings I try to give expression to my experiences, my dreams, what I see and experience in my life… I get the inspiration from my journeys, from the different cultures and their cosmologies, from my dreams, from the people I meet and their stories, from nature, and from plants. I consider each piece, as a new opportunity to offer a bit of Beauty to the world.” You can see more of Aina’s work at





Illustrator, Justo Borrero is a freelance illustrator who lives in southern Spain. He obtained his first degree in advertising and then a Master’s degree in communications. Justo worked at various newspapers and advertising agencies for several years, until his strong inclination for design led him to start his own illustration studio. He is always interested in illustration work that allows him to develop and express his creativity.





Illustrator, Dayna is a fine artist and illustrator who works in a variety of mediums. A graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design, her formal training specialized in drawing and painting the human form. As a freelance illustrator, Dayna has worked on many projects over the past few years. Her work can be seen regularly in TAPS Media magazine, in children’s books, web graphics, and on numerous craft beer labels in Canada. Dayna prefers traditional methods of illustration for most of her work, she finds a pen more expressive than a mouse, but does offer digital work as well.




Since the wondrous discovery of crayons, Illustrator, Candace Foy has been drawing on every surface she can get her hands on.    With a New Media and Animation diploma in one hand and a pencil in the other, nothing will get in her way of sharing her creative vision with the world! Candace lives in the Great White North in a small Canadian city in Ontario with her husband Michael and the cuddliest puppy known to man, Gizmo.    She is always striving to learn, grow and network with others who share her artistic passion. Candace spends her spare time making art, reading and creating video games with the most talented programmer she knows, because hey, who doesn’t want to make video games with their spouse? She is currently employed as a freelance illustrator.    To see more of her work or if you would just like to get in touch please check out here website:




Illustrator, Axel van Zylis a French independent illustrator, graphic design and interior designer.  As a freelancing professional, Axel wears many hats, and is involved in numerous roles such as: design management, brand consulting, marketing, and idea creation. He is, ultimately, a creative problem solver, who carefully combines graphic design / interior design aesthetics and illustrations, resulting in well formulated design solutions. Through design, Axel aims to encourage and challenge new and existing clients to push the envelope of what is expected, and go beyond their imagined plan and scope of ideas and opportunities to stand out and strive for a better solution. To learn more, visit: or




Illustrator, Lynda Farrington Wilson has 25 years of experience that spans copywriting and design, a tenured Marketing Vice President. She is thrilled to now spend her days in the world of color, texture and pure whimsy in living her lifelong passion of illustration. Lynda also has authored and illustrated two of her own books and has illustrated over a dozen books. She loves to work with first-time authors to help them also realize their dreams. Lynda works out of her home studio, The Lime Crab Cottage. She loves to draw crabs, and well, she will squeeze in a bubble or two into every illustration she can, just, well, because they make her smile. See more at:




Illustrator, Gabriela Rodriguez Quirar lives and works in Jalisco, Mexico. Her career there has been extensive:1979 a 2003 -Tallerista en el área de artes plásticas para niños de preescolar, primaria y secundaría. Ha diseñado y ejecutado alrededor de 20 talleres en festivales y museos infantiles 1999 -2011 -Taller de arte digital y pintura y en el TEC de Monterrey campus Guadalajara. 2005 -2011 – Maestra de Manipulación de gráficos digitales y creación de personajes. diseñoediorial y foografía digital en el Centro de Medios Audiovisuales. CAAV



Illustrator, Gemma Luker is a freelance illustrator living in the hustle and bustle of London. Having achieved a BA Illustration degree at Middlesex University, she completed an internship with Creative Review. She has worked as an illustrator/book editor with SketchBook Magazine, and as an in-house illustrator for EBR Media. She is working on a children’s book entitled ‘The Bubble Dragons’ published as an Ebook with Flying Books Publishing. Her clients have included UpperCase Magazine, Eat Me Magazine, Edu-Play Theater, TigerPrint/Marks and Spencer, MouthLondon and Tantrum Magazine. Her work incorporates collage with ‘found’ elements, such as photography or real objects, as well as printed imagery and textures. Contact Gemma at:




Illustrator, Jeanette Baker is a freelance Designer and Illustrator, currently residing in Colorado. Having received numerous awards and an art scholarship, Jeanette pursued a career in art, leading her where she is today. Jeanette has extensive skills and experience ranging from traditional pen and paper to digital work. Jeanette provides great communication, is very skilled and has an amazing attitude. Her level of dedication is second to none. She is professional and provides her clients with quality work. She has helped numerous authors bring their stories to life. If you dream it, she can create it! If you would like more information regarding questions or services contact Jeanette at: or email her at




Illustrator, Luke Spooner is a young illustrator from south east England, who recently graduated from the University of Portsmouth with first class honours. He also goes by the name “Carrion House,” works in a variety of different media, and can’t remember a time when he wasn’t drawing or creating imagery to tell stories. With a history of children’s illustrations Luke jumped at the chance to be involved with ‘Wire Dog’ and really enjoyed the challenge of adapting his, usually very dark, style to suit a book full of what he claims to be “charmingly innocent stories.”

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