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You can order Wire Dog Books directly from and get the Author/Illustrator discount. The books will be delivered right to your door-step. Authors and Illustrators can buy the books and re-sell them from home, online, at markets, or book-signing events. Prices at may vary depending upon international monetary exchange rates. But Authors and illustrators typically receive a 25- 30 % discount.



Storybook 1
Color edition
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Storybook 1
Black and White edition
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Front Cover

Storybook 2
Black and White edition
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Frontcover3Storybook 3
Black and White edition

Authors and Illustrators:
Ellen Walters
Tom Johnson
David Walters
Ellen “Jill” Thomasson
Brady Walters
Elena Yalcin
Don Sullivan
K G McAbee
J A Johnson
Karsten Yawney
Ella K Walters
Alice Jones
Travis Hofer
Michael Hofer
Valerie Hofer
Pauline Hofer
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