Wire Dog and Covid19

At school everyone was talking about the Corona Virus. Ellen was worried at first but her teacher told her not to panic. She said that most children have young, healthy bodies and strong immune systems that fight off disease. That made Ellen feel better. But, when Ellen got home she asked her mother what an immune system was.

Ellen’s mother smiled and told Ellen that an immune system is what helps us not get sick. Or when we do get sick, it helps us get over it and makes us feel better. Ellen was glad to hear that, but then she asked her mother what she should do the have a STRONG immune system.

When father heard Ellen and mother talking, he joined into the conversation and explained that you can get a strong immune system by eating healthy fruits and vegetables and getting good exercise.

That night Ellen and her brother went to the grocery store with their mom and dad and they bought some Orange Juice, Avocados, Bananas, Strawberries, Raspberries, and Honey, and made a delicious smoothie that her parents said would help the whole family boost their immune system to fight off colds, flus. germs, infections, and viruses. Dad added some special ingredients to his smoothie that included Turmeric and Black Pepper. Mom put some Oregano spice in her smoothie because she likes it and believes that it has some special health benefits.

As the family enjoyed their healthy fruit drinks Wire Dog just looked on, wagged his tail, and wondered what all the excitement was about.

Delicious Smootie that boosts Immune System resistance to Flues and Viruses

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