Wire Dog Sees Smoke

Story 63 by Jayden Holland, Central Elementary School
Illustrated by Julie Weaver


Wire dog was out for a walk. He was playing fetch with Ellen when the stick went into the tree. He climbed the tree to go get the stick then he fell and caught himself with his tail. When he caught himself he saw smoke. He looked again and he saw smoke again so he barked at Ellen. Ellen was too low to see the smoke wire dog had to figure out how to get Ellen up the tree. He thought how to get Ellen high enough to let her see. First he thought to bring the stick up the tree so she would have to climb up the tree to get it but Ellen did not want to climb. Then he thought of the best idea. If he climbed high enough into the tree and pretended to be stuck Ellen would have to climb the tree. So he went higher into the tree.

Ellen yelled at wire dog to get down but wire dog just wined. He thought that Ellen would think that he was stuck. But now he was starting to get scared. Finally Ellen climbed the tree. When she did, she saw the smoke too so she called the fire fighters. The fire fighters saw the smoke so they went to the rescue. They got the fire out! It nearly spreaded  to the house near where the fire was.

They came back to the park and thanked Ellen and wire dog for saving people’s lives. Then they brought them for a ride on the fire truck as a thank you.

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