Wire Dog at the Farmers Market

Story 62 by Kieran Bakke, Central Elementary School
Illustrated by Julie Weaver

One day wire dog went for a walk. He went through the park past the farmers market. When he passed the meat row he wanted to eat it all but he knew if he took some he would go the dog jail. So he turned around and went through the park and went home. When he got home he begged his wire owner to by him some but his owner didn’t understand. In the morning he took a walk through the park and to the farmers market again. He went up to one of the meat stands and begged the wire person behind the counter. The wire person didn’t see wire dog. So wire dog went behind the counter and begged again. This time the wire person saw him and gave him a piece of meat. After he ate it he went through the park and to his house. In the end wire dog was happy and went to the farmers market every day to get a piece of meat from that wire person.


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