Wire Dog Finds a Big Rock

Story 60 Written by Ayden, Milk River Elementary School
Illustrated by Alice Jones

One day, Wire Dog was walking with his owner named Ellen. Wire Dog found a big gray rock. Wire Dog picked it up in his mouth and showed it to Ellen. Ellen said, “don’t eat it.” Wire Dog ate it anyway. Ellen was so scared that she passed out on the paved sidewalk. Ellen was supposed to be back at supper. Her mom started looking for Ellen. Finally she found Ellen passed out on the sidewalk. As soon as Ellen’s mom saw Ellen and fat Wire Dog, Ellen’s mom phoned the emergency room and in a few minutes later the ambulance showed up. The mom picked up Ellen and put her in the back of the ambulance and fat Wire Dog as well. As soon as the ambulance showed up at the hospetal the nurse put them into a bed. They examined Wire Dog and said, “Wire Dog was fine.” Then they took a look at Ellen and said “She needs to stay a few days of rest. After a few days Ellen was fine.

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