Story 51 Wire Dog’s Adventure in New York

Written by Paul A Lynch, Illustrated by Alice Jones

One day Wire Dog went to visit Ellen’s cousin, Cindy who lived in Burnsville. Wire Dog was excited because Cindy and her Grandma, Ann had promised to take Wire Dog on a trip to New York City. Wire Dog would just spend a few days and not the entire week.

Wire Dog was having a really busy day in the town of Burnsville on the East side of the city. The environment was new to him and he liked the fresh air.

Wire Dog played outside near a pond just for the fun of it. Cindy saw Wire Dog and ran outside as the evening sun went down. “Oh Wire Dog, you’re dirty again and now it’s time for a bath!”

Wire Dog liked to take baths especially when he was muddy and played in the pond nearby. Having a bath allowed him to feel fresh and clean. Cindy quickly got a pan and some Wire Dog liquid soap, a brush, and a dry rag. She wondered if this was how Ellen gave Wire Dog a bath.  She gave Wire Dog a bath nonetheless and then told him he would get dinner in the next thirty minutes. Wire Dog liked the delicious evening dinner he’d receive. He wondered if it were his favorite dish of Wire Chinese Delites. He went into the living room where a little crib was there where he often laid down to rest. Grandma Ann was in the kitchen busy preparing sweet apple pie and the smell was everywhere. Wire Dog was really excited because he got plenty food and was with loving family members. The television was on and Wire Dog looked at the news lying down. He saw the big headline: “Superhero Saves the Day.” He was really surprised as he wondered if superheroes existed. He wondered how he could become a superhero. That evening he ate and drank but his mind still wondered how he could be a superhero. Grandma Ann had told Cindy that they’d be going into the City of New York tomorrow because it was a Saturday and school was out. Cindy was excited because she liked New York City especially on weekends. Meanwhile, that night Wire Dog dreamt of being a superhero.


He was quite happy because he had saved the day. He also dreamt of Ellen flying in the sky with him as he flew around the world in one night like what he had heard each Christmas about Santa Claus. Only this time he wasn’t delivering any presents around the world but was chasing bad guys like Superman.

Saturday morning came and Wire Dog, as well as Cindy and Grandma Ann, were up. “Today we are going to New York City,” Cindy told Wire Dog.

Wire Dog had seen the City of New York before on TV. It was a huge and lovely city where most people were excited to go.  Wire Dog was excited as he thought about the adventure he would have. He had quite an imagination.  He wished his friends could come along with him but they were in his hometown. Grandma Ann hurried and prepared breakfast for everyone and then they got ready for their trip. They packed their bags and headed down to the train station. Since it was still morning the train station wasn’t that full. Furthermore, it was a Saturday.

Grandma Ann purchased three train tickets. And everyone boarded the train as it headed to New York City. Wire Dog had been on a train before but it was quite a long time ago. Well, it was only a few days ago but to him it seemed like a long time.  The train arrived at New York in just under thirty minutes. Grandma Ann, Cindy and Wire Dog came off the train with their luggage. Grandma Ann, Cindy and Wire Dog took a cab and headed straight to a hotel in the city called “Central Hotel.” Grandma Ann decided that the trip would be just a day and a half. Wire Dog couldn’t believe that he’d made it to New York in a big hotel and neither could Cindy. They got room service and they all were relaxed until they fell asleep.

It was now Sunday morning and Grandma Ann decided that she’d go to the Central Park Zoo. Wire Dog was always fascinated by the zoo and he liked seeing other animals. It was ten ‘clock when they arrived at the zoo. They bought tickets and they saw all kinds of animals. They saw lions, zebras, penguins, lemurs, and otters just to name a few. They spent two hours at the zoo and then went and bought some ice cream at an ice cream shop. Wire Dog’s favorite ice cream was chocolate chip and they all enjoyed the treat. However, while they were relaxing in the shop they heard the sounds of sirens and they looked outside and saw fire trucks heading straight ahead. An apartment was on fire just a few blocks away and it seemed a young child was trapped inside. The parents had made it out but they were crying since their young baby was trapped inside. One parent thought the child was with the other. It was confusing.

Wire Dog knew what he had to do and he quickly ran down to the block where the fire was. Cindy and Grandma Ann ran behind him and they came on later. Wire Dog could run really fast. He felt as though he was the Flash.

Wire Dog ran into the burning building because he was once a firefighting dog and he rescued the young baby. The firefighters couldn’t believe it that one small dog was so brave. Everyone cheered Wire Dog on. Cindy and Grandma Ann were very happy and so was the Mayor of New York who gave Wire Dog a lot of snacks and the Key to the City. The newspapers in New York too knew of the story and on their newspapers title was: “Wire Dog Saves the Day.”

Wire Dog learned that superheroes don’t have to have special powers but all have a true and brave heart. He wondered to himself if Ellen was watching him on the news as the crowd cheered him on.

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