Story 47 Wire Dog Has another Birthday

Story 47 Written and Wire Kitty designed by Ella Walters

One day, Wire Dog woke up with an exuberant bark; today was Saturday and his birthday! He gleefully trotted downstairs to meet Ellen and mmmmm… eat the steaming bacon she passed him. Later on, Ellen started to decorate for his party, while Wire Dog daydreamed about the mountains of presents he would get…

At 3:00 Wire Dog’s friends, Abigail and Wire Kitty walked through the fence gate hiding something (Wire Dog suspected stacks of gifts) behind their backs.

The party was really fun! They played pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs, and in the end, Ellen’s mom made a lip-smacking cake!

“I hope I get lots and lots of gifts,” Wire Dog thought as he blew out the candles.

Finally the time to open presents arrived. But Wire Dog’s face fell as he looked at the table he hoped would be overflowing with gifts. There were only three. Wire Dog’s face fell for a second. He could have been really disappointed, but he wasn’t. He remembered all the fun he had playing games, and besides, presents weren’t everything. But Wire Dog couldn’t be happier if he got a house full of gifts, not after the fish sticks from Wire Kitty, the “Clifford the Red Dog” books from Abigail, ant the new Yoga Ball from Ellen.

Wire Dog was glad for what he got.

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