Story 39 Wire Dog and Wire Cat

Written and Illustrated by Ella K Walters

One day when Ellen and Wire Dog were playing outside, Wire Dog thought he heard a soft noise. He stopped playing and listened. Wire Dog faintly heard a soft ‘Meeeoow!’

His wire heart beat faster. Could it be? Wire Dog knew that that was the same sound that came from a kitten that he and Ellen had rescued from a shed!

Wire Dog impatiently waited until Ellen went inside for supper, then raced across the street to where he had first heard the noise. Looking through a hole in the gate, Wire Dog could just see Wire Cat in the yard. Excitedly, Wire Dog trotted around the fence until he found an opening, then squeezed himself through. Wire Cat was startled. She didn’t see a dog come through a gate every day. Wire Cat didn’t even remember when Wire Dog and Ellen saved her from a shed.

Just as Wire Dog was about to bark “Hello,” to Wire Cat, he heard Ellen’s voice calling him inside. So, Wire Dog sadly turned and walked back to his house.

The next day, Wire Dog happily saw Wire Cat timidly walking down the street. Now they could play! Barking joyfully, Wire Dog grabbed his tug-of-war rope that he and Ellen played with, then romped off to find Wire Cat. He finally spied her napping under the shade of a huge oak tree.


But when Wire Dog showed Wire Cat the rope, she just closed her eyes and went back to sleep. Wire Dog was confused and upset. Why didn’t Wire Cat want to play tug-of-war? Wire Dog dejectedly walked back to the house, laid  down the steps and sunk his head onto his paws.

Ellen, who had watched the whole affair, came and sat down beside him. “Were you trying to play with Wire Cat?” she asked.

Wire Dog thumped his tail.

“A good friend,” she continued “is kind, unselfish, and understanding of each others differences.”

Wire Dog decided to try Ellen’s advice. He trotted back to the tree where Wire Cat was waiting for him. Wire Cat felt bad. She had not meant to make Wire Dog go away. She just did not understand what he wanted to do with the piece of knotted rope.

When Wire Dog Stopped, Wire Cat reached out and pawed him, then pranced back. At first Wire Dog had no idea what she was doing, but soon, recognition dawned in his eyes. Wire Cat wanted him to play tag!

Wire Dog loved Tag! Pretty soon they were playing and running together happily. This would be a good lesson on friendship that Wire Dog would not forget.

The end


About the Author / illustrator:


Ella Walters lives in Stirling Alberta Canada with her Mom, Dad, 3 brothers, 2 sisters, 2 cats and a gold fish. She wrote this story last year when she was in Grade 6 living in Edmonton. Now she is in grade 7 at the K-12 rural school in Stirling. Look for her second story to be published very soon.

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