Story 38 Wire Dog’s Walk

Illustrated by Karsten Yawney  (5) and dictated to his mother.


Wire Dog saw a bird and he barked at it. It flew away.


Then he saw some nice dressed people. He jumped in the water and shook! And he got them all wet.


Then Wire Dog saw a bus.


And Ellen walked off the bus. She asked Wire Dog, “What did you do when I was gone?”

Then Wire Dog said, “I went for a walk.”  The End.

About the Author/Illustrator:

karstenandmomKarsten Yawney lives in Barnwell, Alberta, Canada where he is now in grade one. He loves Wire Dog. He always likes to hear Wire Dog Stories; and one day when he was just 5 years old he told his mom that he wanted to write and illustrate one. We hope other kids will do the same. Send your stories or pictures to:

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