Story 33 Wire Dog Goes to Church

Story Idea by Brady Walters
Written and Illustrated by David Walters

On Sunday Ellen went to church with her family. Everything was going along just fine for the first few minutes then Ellen looked down and to her great surprise there was wire dog. Ellen’s mother saw him too at the same time, and whispered in Ellen’s ear “You can’t bring Wire Dog to church.”

“I know that. He must have come to church all by himself. He doesn’t know better,” Ellen whispered back.

“Well you better make sure he doesn’t cause any trouble,” Mother whispered in a serious reply.

So everything went fine again for a few more minutes, but when Mrs. Brown started leading the music the real trouble began. Wire dogs ears went up when he heard the music. He stood up tall and looked at Mrs. Brown. When he saw that she was waving the music baton back and forth, up and down, he couldn’t control himself any longer. He must have thought she was going to throw a stick for him to chase because he quickly wiggled away from Ellen and ran up to the front of the church and started barking out loud. Naturally everyone in the church craned their necks to see what in the world was going on. Everyone in Ellen’s family was shocked and embarrassed that Wire Dog was causing such a commotion.


Father looked sternly at Ellen and whispered, “Get that dog out of here.”

Ellen took Wire Dog outside and sat down with him and looked him right in the eye and tried to explain that at church everyone must sit quietly in their seats.  She told him that everyone needs to look forward at the speaker; and not make noise or cause any kind of disturbance. When it is singing time, people should sing along as best they can, but that running up to the front or anywhere else in the church is not allowed; and certainly, barking is out of the question. “No one barks in church. Do you understand that, Wire Dog?” she asked as she held his mussel in her hands. Wire Dog looked into Ellen’s eyes and seemed to understand.

When church was over Ellen went up to Mrs. Brown and apologized for her dog’s bad behavior. She explained that it was the first time he had ever gone to church and that he didn’t really know how to behave in church.

Mrs. Brown said “Oh, I understand. When I was young I had a dog like that too. And do you know what else? I believe that was probably the first time that everyone in the whole congregation was looking up and paying attention to the music leader.”

Then Ellen, and Mrs. Brown had a good laugh. Wire Dog just looked up and hoped that he had been forgiven for being noisy in church.

About the Author:

bradyBrady Walters recently celebrated his 11th birthday. He came up with the idea for this story last year but it took a while to get it down on paper. He lives with his family in Calgary Alberta Canada. They live in Redwood Meadows with a river and forest in their back yard. A perfect setting for an imaginative and happy childhood. In this picture Brady had just dipped his head in the river.

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