How Wire Dog Came To Be

Wire Dog Stories were started by a nine year old girl named Ellen Walters, who wanted a dog more than just about anything. Ellen’s parents loved her but they wouldn’t let her have a dog.


One day Ellen found some wire on the ground and bent it into the shape of a little dog. From then on Ellen pretended that her little wire dog was real and they had many adventures together.


Ellen’s father told her that she should write down some of her wire dog adventures, so, Ellen wrote the first story in this book and gave it to her dad as a gift on Father’s Day. Ellen’s dad liked her story so much that he started writing more.


Then artists from around the world were invited to draw and paint pictures of Ellen and her little wire dog.


Now you can read Wire Dog stories and draw your own wire dog pictures. Wire Dog even has his own facebook page

You can buy Wire Dog books at

Below is Ellen’s original story written when she was just 9 years old.

Story 1      Wire Dog
by Ellen Walters

ellens01 ellens02 ellens03 ellens04 ellens05 ellens06 ellens07 ellens08

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