Wire Dog Played in the Park

IMG_1881[1]Lilly, Brady, Daisy and Aspen came over to play with Wire Dog today. That made Wire Dog pretty excited. He ran to the back gate and barked three times. The kids all laughed because they knew he wanted to go to the park.
“Don’t you want to do something else today, Wire Dog?” they all said, but Wire Dog just wagged his tail and looked at the gate. As Soon as Lilly opened the gate Wire Dog ran toward the park as fast as he could go. Once at the park they had all kinds of fun. They went down the slide, climbed the ladders and twirled around the whirly-gig pole.

After that they had fun watching robins eat worms, and pretended that wire dog found lots of bird houses and a can under a picnic bench. Everyone laughed because these things reminded them of some of the adventures Wire Dog had in storybook 1.

You can order Wire Dog Storybook 1 from lulu.com where you can search for the words : Wire Dog or you can just click on the link below.


You can also follow Wire Dog on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/wiredogstories

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